Code Compliance Complaint Form

Use this form to report land use or right-of-way violations in unincorporated Multnomah County only. Find help with a complaint in another location, or a different type of complaint:

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Complainant Information

Alleged Violation Information

Answering "yes" does not waive any right to exclude people from your property.

Complaint Intake and Confidentiality Policy

Submission of anonymous complaints and/or complainant's unavailability as a witness will result in dismissal of the complaint.  The County is required by law to disclose complainant’s name if complainant is going to be a witness in an enforcement hearing.

Under Oregon law, the contents of this complaint become a matter of public record and may be disclosed to the public unless disclosure is prohibited or nondisclosure is authorized by law. Complainants bear the burden to know the law governing disclosure of public records.  If complainant elects the opportunity provided below to submit complainant’s name, home address, personal telephone number and e-mail address on the condition that such information be kept confidential, Multnomah County will not disclose such information unless disclosure is required by law.  

Complainants concerned with personal safety are directed to Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 137-004-0800